Due ‘gauchos’ sotto i riflettori…

FOTOSPEEDY        Sciarra Gianluca

FOTOSPEEDY Sciarra Gianluca

The unexpected and beautiful win taken in Race 2 at Estoril by the Baporo Motorsport Ferrari of Emiliano López and Matías Russo has put the focus on this pair of Argentine drivers that have come a long way to race in the GT Open and prove the excellent level of Argentine drivers, something also demonstrated by Ezequiel Pérez-Companc, winner in Race-1, and by Cochito López in the past.

For both Emiliano and Matías, the success has the taste of a fairy tale and for both racing in Europe is a materialized dream, achieved with the help of Mariano Oucinde, an Argentine manager now based in Italy that has been instrumental in the career of a number of South American drivers.

Emiliano López, 27, from Chubut, with a whole career in Top Race and TC racing at home until now, explains: “I have raced little in the last two years. Argentina has a great motor racing tradition and a rich racing scene. That is not an incentive for drivers to go racing abroad, but I really needed a new challenge. The GT Open was a perfect opportunity. I am really enjoying the experience of a racing on legendary tracks, at the wheel of a Ferrari, and of discovering Europe in-between races!”

Matías Russo was very emotional after crossing the finishing line. The 29-year-old from Entre Ríos, who already shone in FIA-GT, ELMS and the Le Mans 24 Hours between 2008-11, has signed a perfect come-back to the international scene after a difficult period: “I raced my last international race here at Estoril three years ago in the ELMS. Since then, I have been training constantly but not racing because a lack of budget and opportunities. But I never lost faith in my abilities. Doing this race, with the small backing I could put together, was almost a bet, and of course, I am very happy with the result. I’m grateful to Baporo and Emiliano, whom I didn’t even know before Estoril, for giving me this opportunity and also letting me set-up the car. We all did a great job and it worked out well.”

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