GT Open and the Euroformula Open – The 2014 Champions awarded in style in Madrid

The 2014 Champions of the International GT Open and the Euroformula Open were awarded their well-deserved prizes Friday evening in Madrid. This year the ceremony took place within the ‘Gala de Campeones’ of the Spanish Motorsports Federation (RFEA) and took place in the building of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), hosted by FIA Vice President Carlos Gracia.

Daniel Zampieri and Roman Mavlanov, the SMP Racing pair, were honoured as the 2014 Overall Champions, with Andrea-Montermini-Niccolò Schirò (Villorba Corse) collecting their third prize. Brian Lavio represented V8 Racing, the SuperGT Teams’ Champion and the runner-up pair Pastorelli-Ramos.

A strong AF Corse delegation was present to collect the many titles gained, with Amato Ferrari being awarded with the Teams’ trophy, Giorgio Roda with the Drivers’ and Claudio Sdanewitsch with the Gentlemen’s cup. The runner-up pair in GTS, José Manuel Pérez Aicart and Vyacheslav Maleev also collected their trophy, the latter being represented by his son Mikhail.

After the ceremony, Jesús Pareja and the GT Sport team hosted a dinner for the GT Open and Euroformula guests at the prestigious Casino de Madrid. Among other attendees were team principals Raimondo Amadio (Villorba Corse) and Abel Algué (SMP Racing Russian Bears), drivers Michele Rugolo, Lorenzo Bontempelli and Mino Caccia, representatives of Dunlop and Panta, as well as the series’ Race Director Rui Marques and chief of Technical Stewards Luis Isasi.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the 2014 season got the best possible closing!