The first challenge for the Quarkus supercar at Pikes Peak

French carmaker Quarkus is proud to share its first participation in the legendary Pikes Peak race, marking a decisive step in the development of its production car. The event took place on June 23, 2024, with French driver Bruce Jouany at the wheel. Quarkus proudly displayed the number 26, symbolizing the 26 units of the first edition, scheduled for production in early 2026.

Four months of preparation for an emotional week

In November 2023, Quarkus decided to take on the challenge of Pikes Peak, a race known the world over for its difficulty and its exigency. Despite tight deadlines, the teams worked tirelessly to develop and build a disruptive supercar able to take the start on June 23, 2024. After the validation of technical and safety requirements in January 2024, the manufacturer began its development phase in February 2024, enabling a first test of the vehicle in early June before the departure for Colorado Springs.

At Pikes Peak, the week leading up to this race for the clouds was an intense one, marked by rigorous testing and continuous adjustments, not least to weather conditions and altitude. On D-Day, Sunday June 23rd, the Quarkus P3 set off from an altitude of 2800 metres, putting in a “solid performance” (in the words of the race commentator) at the start of the race, with a time of 2 minutes on the first section, which placed it in the middle of the standings. Unfortunately, a mechanical problem subsequently brought her to a halt, forcing the manufacturer to retire from the race. A premature conclusion and a sense of incompleteness, but the essential is elsewhere. To have lined up a supercar, created and assembled in four months, at the start of this legendary race across the Atlantic is already a victory! A David of carbon and lightness in the face of the super-powered Goliaths of the major international manufacturers, who nevertheless left some promising rubber marks in Colorado.

“The challenge taken up by Quarkus and Damien was extremely ambitious, and we succeeded in our gamble by daring and taking the plunge. The car, despite limited development, has shown enormous and promising potential.”

Bruce Jouany, Quarkus P3 driver

“We didn’t cross the finish line, but for us the challenge lay elsewhere. We attempted the unthinkable, building a development car from scratch in just four months. No manufacturer, big or small, would take on such a challenge, but audacity and a sense of achievement are at the heart of Quarku’s DNA.”

Damien Alfano, founder of Quarkus

New challenges ahead

This experience enabled Quarkus to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to the development of its first car, its unfailing motivation to take on new challenges and to fly the flag for France (at an altitude of 4,000 m!). Pikes Pike 2024 is therefore a great starting point for French car manufacturing, enabling the official development phase of the Quarkus P3 to get underway. Further development tests will take place at the end of the year, under even more extreme conditions, this time on ice in Lapland. The Quarkus community’s dream will continue to come true.